Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Moving Experience

I had a call from Mr. Landlord yesterday, letting me know that he finally leased the entire 5th floor to a CPA firm for the next 11 years. That's great news. Their construction crew would be starting tomorrow (Friday) to rip out everything and start over. That's also great news. Now the bad news. I've been storing 8 Hammond Organs, 15 Leslie Speakers, 29 sets of bass pedals, 17 benches, 10 Hammond Tone Cabinets, and some odds and ends pro sound speakers. Almost everything is on wheels, except the benches and the pedals.

I humbly asked Mr. Landlord if he had another suite in the building where I could stash this stuff until I can sell it, and he graciously is letting me use a vacant office on a different floor. I saw it yesterday with the building manager and it's got desks and cubicle parts and chairs and junk all over the place, like the tenants maybe skipped town. A big pile of mail under the mail slot, mostly junk. She gave me the key and I did a bit of tidying up.

So this morning when I arrived at work I got started right away by moving all the Leslie Speakers and the Hammond Tone Cabinets down the World's Second Worst Elevator. The gap between the car and the landing is a wheel-gobbler. After lunch I got caught up on some paperwork because I was exhausted from the morning activities.

Then I got busy and moved all the benches to the new location. Those I had to carry down the long long hall.

Now all I have left to move is the Organs and the Pedals. I'll have to do them on Friday. I'm way too beat now.

About those pedals. I have 15 Hammond Organs that use the removable pedal boards, but I have 31 pedal boards. I think they somehow multiply at night when the lights are off. I don't know if the other Hammond Techs have this problem, but I don't know where I'm gonna PUT these guys. They take up a whole room on the 5th floor. I think I'll pick one pedal board for each Hammond Organ console I have in stock and I'll put the rest out on Death Row until I can figure out how I can get rid of them without using them for firewood or worse. Maybe I should stick them up on my eBay store.

Okay, enough for today. Gonna go home and do the New York Times Crossword.

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